Adapting to Your Progressive Lenses is Easy!

Any mild issues that you encounter when first wearing progressive lens reading glasses are normal and easy to move beyond. Listed below are our three best tips to address the most common issues that people experience. If you follow these three tips, you’ll adapt to wearing progressive lenses in no time. 

Tip #1: Wear your new progressive lenses every day, because you want your eyes to get used to them. Try not to switch back and forth between your old lenses and the new ones, as this will make it harder for your eyes to get used to the progressive lenses.

Tip #2: The reading portion of your progressive lenses is in the middle of the lower third of the lens. The easiest way to find it is to direct your gaze slightly above what you want to read, then look down through the lower portion of the lens to read it.

Tip #3: Some people will experience a slight peripheral blur while they’re adapting to the progressive lenses. Though this will pass, it’s also easily fixed. The best way is to move your head slightly and re-align yourself by pointing your nose directly at what you want to look at.

Remember these simple tips and your progressive lens reading glasses should become your new best friend within a matter of days.